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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)


Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) can help your organization gain the edge over the competition in this fast paced global economy by giving the flexibility and speed in enhancing your business process.

With the current pace of global economy organization needs to be able to extend or build new processes at a faster pace to beat the competition.

New Generation Consultants (NewGen)‘s SOA approach will bring value to your business by enhancing your business process. Our approach will also reduce the time to market, cost of ownership and improving IT assets

Key Aspects

Better Business Alignment: SOA can help better align IT with business objectives by increasing the agility in enhancing business process and integrating IT systems at lower costs. It also helps in accelerating IT integration during merger or acquisition process

Increased IT assets value: By reducing the time to market and lowering the cost of ownership, SOA will help organizations to better utilize the current IT assets by renovating legacy systems


Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Test BPEL Process Manager
Test Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
Test Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
Test Web Service Manager (WSM)
Test Enterprise Manager (OEM)












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