Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle EBS R12 Assessment and Roadmap

In Oracle E-business suite R12 you will find many compelling enhancements…

Test New Financial Architecture comprising of
     Ledger and Ledger Sets
     Ledger Entity Configuration
     Sub Ledger Accounting
     Advanced Global Inter Company System
     Global Tax Engine
     Global Supplier Model
     Multi-Org Access Control
Test Enhanced GRC Solution
Test Advanced Compensation and Benefits
Test Global Transportation and Management
Test HR Localizations
Test Global Inventory Optimizations
Test Plus numerous other functional
Test Enhanced Reporting Capabilities
Test Redesigned User Interface(Look and Feel and Improved Process Flow)
Test Improved Personalization Capabilities
Test Lower Cost of Ownership
Test Fusion Middleware
Test More Robust Integration repository
Test SOA Architecture, BPEL and other
improved toolsets
Test New and Enhanced Technology stack
Test New Version of Mid Tier Technology
Test Application Server : 1.0 -> 10.1
Test Servlet Container : Jserv -> OC4J
Test Apache : 1.2.19 -> 1.3.34
Test Forms & Reports : 6 -> 10
Test File System Change
Test The two middle tier oracle homes are
replaced with newer versions
Test Instance Home Vs Source Home

However, to upgrade from prior releases and take advantage of the benefits of this new release one has to clearly understand the R12 architecture and technology, determine how Oracle components can be valuable enablers, incorporate Oracle’s product and rollout plans and develop a strategic upgrade roadmap.

Our Oracle E-business R12 Assessment & Roadmap Service is designed to

Test Assist you in evaluating your existing Oracle/ERP applications, business processes and technology infrastructure to unlock additional value from your existing Oracle solutions
Test Provide you the new features (functional and technical) and capabilities of Oracle R12 which will help you understand, determine and prioritize the requirements of the new release
Test Use our Oracle R12 Solution Center “Vision” Environment to help demonstrate new functionality, perform fit-gap analysis, understand integration touch points and visualize process changes
Test Identify cost savings and measurable business benefits to create a Roadmap for your upgrade to Oracle R12

















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