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Oracle Accounts Payable – LiveLink ECM Integration Solution



Effective management of AP invoices significantly impacts vendor relations, corporate profitability, organization productivity and the ability to support compliance requirements. AP invoice processing solution with Open Text helps organizations to process several thousand invoices daily smoothly.


OpenText’s Accounts Payable improves A/P business efficiencies and responsiveness by aligning key business processes and supporting transaction data. The solution provides seamless integration with Oracle E-Business Suite Accounts Payable module, a robust image repository and a workflow solution for coding, matching and approving of invoices. The invoice processing solution reduces the time required to process invoices through rapid invoice data capture and automated invoice routing. The solution also streamlines your AP management process by handling complex business rules with minimal human interaction.


Key Features:


Test Automated scanning and indexing: Fully automated imaging and indexing capabilities enable you to reduce costs and eliminates errors associated with manual invoice entry
Test Review and approval workflow process: Offers controlled and automated exceptions handling, aging, escalation and reporting to facilitate management, leading to reduce cost per transaction
Test Automated invoice routing and sorting: Designate workflow steps enable you to sort and route invoices based on user roles, authorization rules and predefined timelines Powerful Repository Services: Securely store all content in LiveLink ECM – Document Management, LiveLink ECM- Production Imaging, LiveLink ECM – eDocs DM or Gauss VIP Document Management
Test Invoice creation and Matching: Invoices are created automatically in Oracle EBS AP module upon indexing and successful validation of data. Invoices are also matched with native rules defined in Oracle EBS AP system
Test Oracle EBS Form Level Integration: Provides the ability to view the associated images for the invoice and also to view the invoices associated to the user from Oracle AP Invoice work bench




















NewGen Oracle AP- LiveLink ECM Integration Services


NewGen has partnered with Open TextTM to integrate Oracle Accounts Payable with Open Text’s LiveLink ECM solution using Oracle Fusion Middleware. NewGen provides consulting, advisory and integration services for customers to successfully integrate their Oracle AP system with OpenText’s LiveLink ECM Solution. NewGen Consultants posses the following unique combination of expertise needed to effectively deliver the Oracle Accounts Payable – LiveLink ECM Integration


Test Expertise in Designing and implementing Oracle Accounts Payable,
Test Expertise in Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA Suite technologies BPEL, ESB, BAM, ADF and adapters and
Test LiveLink ECM Solution Expertise











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